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The Fruit of the Gods. Deserving of widespread planting for their value as an attractive small tree with large glossy leaves, stunning autumn foliage colours and delicious fruit that holds on the tree into winter. There are two different types of persimmons – astringent and non-astringent varieties. Astringent varieties are more heart-shaped, and can be harvested once the fruit has turned fully orange but is still firm. Leave the fruit at room temperature for a few days for the tannin levels to reduce, and they will soften slightly. The more common squat tomato-shaped non-astringent varieties (like the main type ‘Fuyu’) can be harvested firm or left to ripen on the tree (bird risk). If picked firm, the fruit will ripen if stored with other fruit like bananas, apples or pears - the ethylene the other ripe fruits emit will ripen the firm persimmons. 

It is best to pick Persimmons using secateurs to cut the fruit off keeping the stem and calyx attached. Persimmons can be eaten fresh like an apple or sliced with the skin removed, dried (whole or sliced), or made into delicious jam or chutney. Expect fruit once tree is 4-5 years old.

Plant Persimmons in a nice sunny spot in free draining, fertile soil, protected from cold harsh winds. Avoid planting in areas with late springs and early Autumn frosts.