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Well suited to the warmer areas of New Zealand
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Bears full size, early season, highly coloured, tangy flavoursome fruit. Grows only to 1.8m. Well suited to the warmer areas of New Zealand.

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Early Dwarf Self Fertile
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Dwarf apricot Aprigold is self fertile. If you have trouble with pollination, plant another variety of Apricot nearby

All nectarine trees, including dwarf varieties, are grown in Golden Queen peach seedlings as the rootstock.  Nectarines, peaches, apricots and some varieties of plum are compatible with peach rootstock, as they are all part of the Prunus genus.  For dwarf stonefruit trees, it is the variety which is dwarfing rather than the rootstock.  Dwarf varieties can be identified by the short distance between buds (short internodes is the technical term).



Prefers well drained fertile soil.


Sunny, sheltered and frost free position is best. Plant 2m apart from other dwarf stonefruit trees.


Water well during the early stages, during long dry periods and when the fruit is developing.


Best in areas with some Winter chill and protected from hard Spring frosts.


Thin out leaves and fruit to allow good air movement and light penetration.


In areas with wet Springs and hot humid weather a preventative spray program is recommended. Copper sprays at leaf drop and again twice in early Spring as buds swell will help prevent Leaf Curl.


Great in containers and as focal points in gardens and entrys.


Varieties range in ripening time from early to late Summer. Some leaves around the fruit may need to be removed to allow the fruit to ripen.


All varieties are self fertile.


Maximum 2m tall.

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semi dwarf apricot

By Viral from Auckland, 3 years ago

I had bought semi dwarf apricot plant 3 years ago and still today not got single flower, Plant is planted in big pot 600 mm dia x 700 mm long pot, as per direction given from Bunnings store, I am fertilizing it with berry and citrus fertilizer and add 2 weekly liquid potash , It is watered every alternate day.

No Flowers - No Fruit

By David from Auckland, 8 years ago

It’s been 7 years now that I have had this in my garden.

Unfortunately it has never flowered? I’ve done all the usual things like stake it, feed it (blood & bone, compost as mulch, potash & fruit tree fertiliser), and lightly prune it for shape. It does have lovely leaf at this time of year, but that is it!!

It’s in an all year sunny spot with good fertile well drained soil. It’s got Budcode WN2 GQ on the label if that means anything?

Annoys me a wee bit as I paid $39 for this at Kings Plant Barn (Remurea).