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Growing grapes can be a wonderful hobby and a challenging experience. You can grow many varieties of grapes; the fruit of each cultivar has an aroma, flavour, and other qualities that make it unique. The fruit can be eaten fresh or used for jellies, jams, juices, dessert recipes, or home-brewed wines. Besides the obvious uses for the fruit, grapevines can be attractive ornamentals in a garden setting - particularly with stunning autumn foliage. In general, grapes require full sun and soils with good drainage and moderate fertility. Plant vines with a northern to western exposure, with protection from wind. Train the vines against a fence or along wires.  Prune grape vines in winter when dormant, pruning back to the main framework of the vine. Grape vines take about two years from planting to produce fruit, and can live for up to 100 years if well looked after. Fruit bears on one year old wood.